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Instachem Industries private Limited is a corporate established in the year 2021 of Nanded, Maharashtra.

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility at Nanded with a production capacity at of 1,00,000 Tons a tear supported with high advanced in house R&D laboratory for ensuring our focus on developing perfect and premium quality product and develop new product that fulfill the specific needs and the meet market requirements. We at Instachem follow high safety standard and are environment conscious. We are committed to fulfill our responsibility towards society.



Instachem Industries private Limited is a corporate established in the year 2021 with a vision of becoming the pioneer in the Construction Chemical Industry. Instachem primarily aim to integrate the Indian tile and stone fixing, tile joint fillers (Of grouts), masonry mortars, wall construction solution, water-proofing chemicals, sealer & impregnators and technical products with the global standards.


We further aim to venture into all the construction chemical to cater to the needs of construction industry. We address the critical needs and various challenges that the traditional methodology fails to address. Instachem’s strong, customer centric approach and a constant strive for developing an impeccable product makes us unique. We aim to build relations with our Business Associates and Other Professional through our Product.

Mr. Adarsh Kasliwal

Chartered Accountant

Words From The Director…

Instachem’s aim is to become the pioneer in construction chemicals industry, with prime focus on premium product quality timely service and continuous improvisation.

Pillars of Instachem

Towards Customers
Instachem is committed to serve its customers in a close, long-lasting, win-win relationship. We are committed to providing them a premium quality product and serving them whenever we are relied upon.
Toward Business Associates
Instachem is committed towards its associates and we aim at providing them timely services, proper communication premium product. We aim to grow hand in hand with our business Associates
Towards Employees
We at Instachem aim at providing our family suitable and healthy environment as they are the foundation of our company. We will strive to maintain a friendly work culture.
Towards Society
Instachem is committed towards society by providing an environment friendly product catering to all the norms and aiming at minimizing the pollution.

We are the world class engineering manufacturer providing
the highest quality products.

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