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The EAA (Engineering Association of Astronautics) is a union that represents engineers and scientists working in the aerospace industry. The EAA union agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for members of the union.

The agreement covers a wide range of issues, including wages, benefits, hours of work, and job security. It also includes provisions for health and safety, training and development, and grievance procedures.

One important aspect of the EAA union agreement is its focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The agreement includes provisions for equal pay and opportunities for all members, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Another key feature of the EAA union agreement is its commitment to promoting sustainability and environmentally responsible practices in the aerospace industry. The agreement includes provisions for reducing carbon emissions, promoting energy efficiency, and minimizing waste.

The EAA union agreement is negotiated between the union and the employers, and it is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in the industry and the needs of the members. It is an important tool for ensuring that members of the EAA are treated fairly and have access to the benefits and protections they need to succeed in their careers.

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